Event Policies
CONTRACTA signed contract is required when booking an event.

QUOTES: All prices quoted both in person and/or over the phone are valid for 14 days. 

TRIAL APPLICATIONS:  Trial makeup applications are only available with pre-scheduled

DEPOSITA 50% deposit of the total service amount as well as full payment of travel fees are required in order to secure your date.  Be advised that no date will be reserved until a signed contract and deposit have been received.  The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.
BOOKED TIME: Time booked will only reflect those services reserved on the contract, and each service requires a certain length of time to be completed. 
DELAYS: There will be a $25 late fee per every 30-min when starting or staying after the contracted time on the day-of-event due to client delays. 
CONTRACT ADD-ONS: The desire to add additional people or services to a signed contract does not guarantee there will be time to complete your request if it conflicts with the day-of-event schedule; so when securing your date, please book accordingly.  Prices are subject to change and additional add-ons will reflect current prices.
LIABILITYWe only use hypoallergenic, water-based and alcohol based  makeup products and will not be held liable in the event of an allergic reaction.
ON-SITE SERVICES REQUIREMENTSA counter or table with adequate space near a working electrical outlet for the Airbrush compressor is required.  Ample lighting  and a chair are also requested.  A bathroom with the proper space and lighting is acceptable. 
ACT OF NATURE: In the event a power outage has occurred at the client's service location, we cannot be held accountable due to this act of nature since power is required to use the Airbrush compressor.  Non-airbrushed makeup will be offered as an alternative, but the deposit will not be refunded and the balance will still be due. 
PARKING & TOLL FEES: Where parking, valet or toll fees may be incurred, the amount will be included with the final bill and due for payment on the day-of-event. 
TRAVEL FEE: There is no additional charge for locations within 15 miles of Huntsville, TX 77340.  On-Site locations outside of Huntsville, TX 77340 will incur a $.75 per mile, round trip fee. 
HOLIDAYS:There will be an additional charge of $100 for events booked on a holiday or holiday weekend.
PAYMENT: The final balance is due on the day-of-event as one payment before services are performed, no exceptions.  Accepted forms of payment are Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover or cash.
CANCELLATION: If for any reason the client must cancel the booked event or any services more than 72 hours after the contract has been signed, the deposit paid will not be refunded.