This 2-day workshop gives you the tools and foundation to begin a successful career in airbrush makeup artistry.  Attendees will learn color matching, color correction, highlighting and contouring and airbrush care and maintenance.  Day two will continue with more in-depth application training and practicing airbrush techniques on models.  Workshop fees include a full professional kit. ($916 value)
kett pro kit
Kit Includes:  Kett Jett, Cobra Coil Hose, Power Supply 
                        .25 Airbrush
                         Airbrush Cleaning Brushes
                         Hydro Foundation Collection 35ml. in Olive and Ruby Shades
                         Blush Collection
                        Contour Collection
                        Highlight Collection
                        2 Custom Clear Cases (M/L)
                        Kett Sett Pressed Powder
Workshop Fee: $1500
*class sizes are limited
*no refunds will be given, only credit toward another workshop date
*attendees are responsible for their own transportation and lodging
*you must meet certain requirements to attend workshops

*Additional classes are available. Contact us for more info.